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A Desire for Honest Quality Service

Since 2007, Thalamus, LLC has been providing the Auburn/Opelika area with dependable, honest, and innovative electrical contractor services. We employ technicians who desire to hone their skills and advance their knowledge to always provide the best for our clients. Our technicians are customer-centric and service-oriented professionals who will consistently deliver a successful and economical final product.

Thalamus, LLC

Our Name

Thalamus, LLC is named after the small structure in the brain that converts sensory information to electrical pulses your body can comprehend. Our business operates in a similar function. We are more than an electrical contractor—we strive to listen to your needs and develop controls, networking, and peripheral solutions that take electrical pulses from the outside world for you to use and understand.

We are committed to providing our commercial and residential clients with the highest level of quality services, ranging from new construction to renovation projects. Our diverse portfolio of work ranges includes general electrical projects to state-of-the-art home theater installations.

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